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Peter Haikalis

Peter Haikilis at the Salon and the painting that resulted from that model.


Peter Haikalis

untitled, 1994
acrylic on stretched canvas
(size? 16 x 20)


Peter was born in Akron OH, served in WWII where he served as the company artificer, rebuilding firearms; and providing all of the graphic signage needed by his commanding officers. Prior to WWII he studied at Kent State University under the guidance of Elmer Novotny and Robert Morrow.

The many figurative paintings – especially the works on paper - occurred during salon sessions at the home of Marilyn Mess in Olney, MD. There a group of 5 to 6 artists contributed to the live model fee each Wednesday morning; stood at their easels and painted for three hours. For Peter, the model was the starting point. Then his imagination placed the figure in various surroundings with different costumes.

Please view his exhibition at the TaBois Galerie here.