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R.A. Comunale

R. A.  Comunale, M.D. has written three novels and two short-story collections.

In his latest novel, Shoes, tails from the post, Augustus "Gus" Belmont, your typical commercial airline pilot, faces his mortality with ticked off stoicism, but really wants closure for twenty-five year old mysteries.  Add the Civil War and the Vietnam Conflict to the brew, a soupcon of the great military college - Virginia Military Institute, with his brother Rat Cade Corp, and you have Shoes.

In Clover, he chronicled this deeply human saga in his first two novels, Requiem for the Bone Man and The Legend of Safehaven, and won widespread praise for his vivid characters and sharp insights into the human condition.

His short stories are Berto's World and Doctor Galen's Little Black Bag.

The TaBois Galerie is proud to present all of his novels for your reading pleasure - see details below to purchase any or all of his books, which are also available on and as audio books, beautifully narrated by Ron David.