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Artist Statement, Joanne C. Wasserman:

I am an artist creating original works that illuminate people's purposes, plus, other life marvels.

MODERN ILLUMINATION ART, CALLIGRAPHIES, DRAWINGS and PAINTINGS---In these realms I convey character by drawing out particularities of existence which belong to the subjects matter, to show their natures in art as being perceptible, harmonious, and beautiful in individual complexity. My work enlivens the way in for viewers to wander through conditions unfolding---seeing for themselves the common ground between the theme of the Art and some one person’s identity, or that of a business, non-profit group, or institution.

These are research-based works of art capable of expressing my clients'​ ongoing successes with their good and diverse missions. The Art end results inspire viewer interpretive understanding for they bear: strong vision; variety in ideas; lucid manifestation of the topic; colors singing in lyrical harmony; energetic pages'​ and canvases'​ layout; fine calligraphy---and, are reproducible in print.