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In this exhibition, Beyond Bridges, 21 Arab, Persian, and Jewish artist of Christian, Muslim, and Jewish faith backgrounds are focusing on what they hold in common through their cultures and creeds. With eh widening divide that exists between the faiths and people of the Middle East and the West, this exhibition calls for a whole new kind of movement: one that builds on what we hold in common.
It is more critical than ever that “creative bridges of dialogue” be built enabling us to walk across to meet our neighbor on the other side. As the early 20th century Lebanese artist and writer Kahlil Gibran, who profoundly bridged East and West, said; “Your neighbor is your other self dwelling behind a wall. In understanding, all walls shall fall down.”

The artworks in Beyond Bridges were originally part of a larger global traveling exhibition titled The Bridge that was showcased in Paris, Cairo, London, Metz, New York, Chicago, Spokane, Portland and throughout the state of Wyoming.

The 21 participating artists through Beyond Bridges are making the case for using that which we have in common as the foundation for the future of our world. The ultimate objective of the exhibition is for it to serve as an “encounter point”, encouraging and enabling new relationships to be made across religions and cultures.

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