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Molten Blood is moving to the final editing stages and will be coming out Spring 2017. This is the final book in the Summer Blood tales. 

Summer Blood 

Two desolate vampires searching for something more than their monstrous existence find hope in a strangely attractive human. When their makers step in, chaos ensues...Paranormal romance meets dark urban fantasy in this emotional adventure.

Sherri Jordan-Asble lives with her family in Tampa, Florida. They enjoy kayaking, great movies, and drinking coffee. Sherri has a Master’s degree in English and Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University, as well as an MBA and a Master’s in Human Resources. She loves reading and writing about vampires, werewolves, and every other twisted little bump in the night.

Website: http://rubiconwriting.com/
Follow her writings on Facebook: Summer Blood
Or Twitter: @sljasble