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R. A.  Comunale, M.D. has written three novels and two short-story collections. In his latest novel, Shoes, tails from the post, Augustus "Gus: Belmont, your typical commercial airline pilot, faces his mortality with ticked off stoicism, but really wants closure for twenty-five year old mysteries.  Add the Civil War and the Vietnam Conflict to the brew, a soupcon of the great military college - Virginia Military Institute, with his brother Rat Cade Corp, and you have Shoes.

In Clover, he chronicled this deeply human saga in his first two novels, Requiem for the Bone Man and The Legend of Safehaven, and won widespread praise for his vivid characters and sharp insights into the human condition. His short stories are Berto's World and Doctor Galen's Little Black Bag.

The TaBois Galerie is proud to present all of his novels for your reading pleasure - see details below to purchase any or all of his books, which are also available on Amazon.com and Audible.com as audio books, beautifully narrated by Ron David.

R. A. Comunale, M.D.'s first book signing at the TaBois Galerie, 2008


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Clover Clover: A Dr. Galen Novel
by R.A. Comunale M.D.

That chance discovery, on a dingy river bank in New Jersey, changed the life of 8-year-old Robert Galen forever. It propelled him into a lifelong study of medicine, beginning under the sage counsel of his mentor, Dr. Agnelli. In turn, his medical career led him to two ill-fated marriages and one would-be recaptured romance. Then, alone and in near despair, Galen found a new reason for being, in his old friend Bob Edison, along with his patient wife, Nancy, and in the three, orphaned Hidalgo children, whom he rescued from the wrath of a hurricane. Together, the six--and a host of other injured souls--attained solace living at Safehaven, the often-miraculous refuge perched on the side of a mountain in the endless hills of northeastern Pennsylvania.

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Little Black Bag Dr. Galen's Little Black Bag by R.A. Comunale, M.D. (Perfect Paperback)

In this collection of stories we follow the man that Berto Galen has become, as he deals with the pleasures, traumas, and tragedies of life in the medical profession. As in Berto's World, the stories collectively create a vivid portrait of an individual, in this case someone who is deeply dedicated to healing--even as he struggles to heal the hurts and wounds he has suffered over his own lifetime. And, like the preceding collection, Dr. Galen's Little Black Bag presents basic human truths, dressed of necessity in the cloak of fiction.

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Legend The Legend of Safehaven by R.A. Comunale, M.D. (Perfect Paperback)

The sequel to the highly praised Requiem for the Bone Man, The Legend of Safehaven follows the life of Dr. Robert Galen and his friends as they live in semi-retiremtn on a mountaintop in Pennsylvania, raising and caring for three orphaned children. Along the way, the residents of the mountain interact with a variety of individuals--human and animal--who have also found a home on the property that becomes known as Safehaven.

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Berto's World Bertos World by R.A. Comunale, M.D. (Perfect Paperback)

Come and spend a little time with Dr. Robert Galen, aka Berto, as he traverses the memories of the tenement neighborhood of his youth and meet all the unforgettable denizens of.Berto's World.

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Requiem Requiem for the Bone Man by R.A. Comunale M.D. (Perfect Paperback - Feb 28, 2008)

Requiem for the Bone Man depicts the events in the life of Robert Galen, the son of working-class immigrant parents who grows up to pursue his life's work and dream -- the practice of medicine.

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Berto's World

All 5 books, Requiem for the Boneman, Berto's World, The Legend of Safehaven, Dr. Galen's Little Black Bag, and Clover are available as Audiobooks.  Price listed is for each audiobook.

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