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Monda won the award for Best Script!

Monda award

About the Movie

Zoo (Volkerschau), is about a day in the life of an African Girl on display for the first time in a Human Zoo in 1958. Zoo is based on the photo below, taken at the World's Fair in Brussels, Belgium.

African Girl in a Human Zoo, World's Fair, Brussels, Belgium 1958

See below for Trailer, Behind the Scenes and Background.
The Vision
Most of us lose our innocence when we realize there isn't a Santa Claus. Can you imagine what it must be like to lose your innocence as the subjugated object in a "Human Zoo?". This history is something that's not a part of our educational curriculum. Our vision extends beyond the screens into the classrooms. We hope this film not only raises the awareness of human zoos, but piques the interest of educators, to share these horrible truths with their students.

Red Clay Dirt is adapted from her book of short stories, Red Clay Dirt & Mountains, loosely based on family stories that demonstrate the audacity of the human spirit. Red Clay Dirt is a universal story of truth, redemption, forgiveness, and acceptance.

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