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  The National

“The Art Newspaper will enjoy reporting daily at Art Dubai. The full immersion it will give us in this culturally varied and intellectually stimulating fair will power up our already great interest in the artistic doings of the region and beyond” - Chairman of The Art Newspaper, Anna Somers Cocks, OBE

Global Art Forum 11: Trading Places
January - March 15 - 17, 2017
Art Dubai
Madinat Jumeirah, UAE

Trade is at the heart of humankind. Trade connects people to one another in a myriad of ways, seen and unseen. Trade can fuel civilizations and empires. It can dictate time itself. The end of trade turns somewhere suddenly into nowhere. – Shumon Basar

The eleventh edition of the Global Art Forum focuses on the trade of goods and ideas that shape and reshape the world. Titled Trading Places, the Forum is conceived by Shumon Basar as Commissioner, with Antonia Carver and Oscar Guardiola-Rivera as Co-directors. The Forum kicked off in January 2017 and culminates at Art Dubai, March 15-17 2017. 

Global Art Forum 11: Trading Places explores the relationship between the economy of goods and ideas that constantly shape who and where we are. From ancient ports to the “New Silk Road” to algorithmic financial markets, the infrastructure of trade is also a geography of imagination and invention. It is also the foundation upon which Dubai and sibling Gulf cities have forged their pasts and their futures, from pearls to airports.

The Forum convenes the most compelling minds from the fields of art, history, economics, philosophy, urbanism, literature and more to tell untold histories and stories of the making and remaking of the world through trade.

Art Dubai partners with the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, and Dubai Design District (d3) to present the Global Art Forum.