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The 8th Annual Viennese Waltz Immersion (Funtensive!®) April TBD
Get ready for the Balls & Events with one of DC’s most popular social dances!

Come join us for this intensive six evenings of the elegant Viennese Waltz. No partner or previous experience necessary.


Become part of the dance of princes and princesses- the storyteller’s dance of the ages.

Washington DC is the Mecca of Viennese Waltz for the United States- Over ten balls a year, packed with waltzers, meeting and dancing and creating intrigue! How best to prepare for such a ball? Immerse yourself!

We will slowly but surely teach you skills in the Viennese Waltz to prepare you for this incredible experience, with 6 evenings instruction. You will learn basics of several styes of Waltzing, to include Smooth, Standard, and social style ! By the end, you will have developed skills that will enable you to function socially in any Viennese Waltz setting, and you will also make a lot of dance friends while doing so.

If you have been to past immersions, remember, every year we teach different movements, so you can still learn more. Additionally, past immersion participants are “bootvets” and receive 15% off this and other immersions!